Creating and Sending Newsletters and Newsletter Issues

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Now that you have set up Simplenews, you will want to create content: newsletters and newsletter issues.

To create a newsletter, select use Administer, Content Management, Newsletters, Newsletters to open the page shown in Figure 12.17.

In addition to the basic information, specify how plain-text newsletters handle hyperlinks, as shown in Figure 12.18.


Search this site:

You can create different newsletters (or subjects) to categorize your news (e.g. Cats news. Dogs news,...).


[more help )

My account

Newsletter name:

North Country News


This name of this newsletter.

Content management



A periodic newsletter of what's new from North Country Consulting.


Content types

Feed aggregator

Newsletters Sent issues

A description of the newsletter. To be displayed on taxonomy/term pages and RSS feeds. Weight:

Draft issues

Newsletters are displayed In ascending order by weight.



Post settings

From name:

Taxonomy Site building Site configu ration

local host

From email address:

[email protected]

User management

R ^ n

Newsletters I localhost

Reports Help Logout

O Append hyperlinks as 0 Display hyperlinks in li


numbered reference list e with the text


To create a newsletter issue, you use Create Content and choose Newsletter Issue. You must give it a title and select a newsletter of which it is part. (The newsletter determines the subscription list.) Add your content, as shown in Figure 12.19.


Create Newsletter issue | localhost

Search this site:

Create Newsletter issue

My account Create content

Add this newsletter issue to a newsletter by selecting a newsletter from the select list. Send a newsletter or a test newsletter by selecting the appropriate radio button and submitting the node.

Set default send options at Administer > Site configuration > Simplenews » Newsletter.

Set newsletter specific options at Administer » Content management > Newsletters > Newsletters.




Modules From the book Administer

Test Newsletter Issue Newsletter:

Menu settings

S Show summary in full view


OS 1

Here's a photo from the Rhododendron

This will be the body of your newsletter. Available variables are: Islte (the name of your website), !url (a link to your homepage), !url_brief (homepage link without the http://), Idate (today's date), llogln_ur1 (link to login page), 'confirm subscribe url (subscription of this newsletter series).

Create a newsletter issue.

At the bottom of the page, you can send the newsletter issue or a test, as shown in Figure 12.20. Remember that the test addresses were set in Administer, Site Configuration, Simplenews, Newsletter (admin/settings/simplenews/newsletter) and were possibly overridden in Administer, Content Management, Newsletters, Newsletters (admin/content/simplenews/types) as described previously.


Create Newsletter i

sue 1 localhost

Send action:

O Don't send now

0 Send one test newsletter to the test ad


© Send newsletter

Email options

Revision information Comment settings

An alias will be gene-rated for you. If you wish to c generated aliases, see the Pathauto settings.

File attachments Authoring information

Publishing options

Create a newsletter.

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