Creating Nodes

To create a node, choose the Create Content link from the navigation menu at the left of most pages (when you are running as an administrator); in Drupal 7, click Add at the top. When you have just installed Drupal, your only choices are pages and stories (articles in Drupal 7). Figure 5.2 shows how you start to create a story.


Start to create a story.


Create Story | localhost

^ http://localhost/~sams/de mo_dnjpal/?q=node/add/story

© ¿far Google


Create Story


My account

Title: *

Create content

My First Story



Story Administer

( Split summary at cursor )

Log out

This is the beginning of my site.

The Body of the node can contain HTML, so you can copy and paste all or part of an existing page into a node (a Page node is a good candidate for this). There is more on this in Hour 11, "Empowering User Input with Rich Text and Images."

As you scroll down the page, you can click to open a number of optional sections. None of them is required after you have set the title.

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