Planning for Drupal

Drupal runs on a web server and stores its data in a database. The code for Drupal itself and contributed modules is primarily PHP. Other common web languages and protocols, such as CSS and JavaScript, are also used, but they rarely need to be considered: If you have a web server, it will almost always support them.

You also need an Internet connection if you intend to allow people to visit your site. You can install Drupal on your own computer and allow only people on your network to access it; you can even install it on your own computer and access it yourself from that computer. This is a common testing environment.

Get the full requirements for Drupal installations at drupal .org/requirements. As you install and test Drupal, watch for error messages. If you cannot immediately diagnose the problem, copy the error message and paste it into the search box on Most of the time, you will find several items or comments that report on or solve the problem.

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