Set Up a Product for Shipping

1. Use Create Content to create the product. In this example, it is the Shop product class, but you can use whatever you want. Provide the basic information of name, description, and catalog categories. None of this is different from the nonshippable products you have dealt with before.

Set product information for SKU and dimensions.

2. Scroll down to add an image and the product prices. This, too, is the same as for other products.

3. Scroll down and mark the product as shippable in the Product Information section.

4. Now, you must enter the weight and shipping dimensions. This is all new.

Scroll down to enter shipping settings, as shown in Figure 16.25. Note that this is where you can override the default product shipping location that you set in Shipping Quote Settings (admin/store/settings/quotes/edit). The product is now ready for people to purchase it. Watch your email for confirmation of sales.

OcfntjK product shipping type:

II5FS product description Package type;


FIGURE 16.25

Complete shipping settings.

The next steps in the sequence of e-commerce sales are up to your customers. You have set up the products and they do the rest. Of course, you should monitor the store and consider using all of your Drupal communication tools, such as blogs, articles, and newsletters, to get the word out. When you are notified of a sale, here is what you do.

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