Setting Up Polls In General

You can use admin/content/node-type/poll (D7: admin/structure/node-type/poll) to modify the settings for the Poll content type, as shown in Figure 10.2. Although the basic poll question is central, you can add additional fields (perhaps an image) to the poll's data.

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A <em>poll</em> is a question with a set of possible responses. A <em>poll</em>, 01 automatically provides a simple running count of the number of votes received for each

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Submission form settings Workflow settings Comment settings se displayed as part of the list on

The submission form settings, shown in Figure 10.3, let you customize the form that users will see when they create a poll (not when they vote on it).

The workflow settings, shown in Figure 10.4, are commonly used for polls. You often do not want attachments, and you do not want a poll promoted to the front page because you may be displaying it in a block. However, if you are not using sidebar blocks, you might want a poll to be promoted to the front page and made sticky at the top. The choice is yours.

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Modify submission form settings for a poll.

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Poll 1 locaihost

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M Published

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Set up the workflow for the poll.

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