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Enabling and Cloning the Backlinks View

To get started, click the Administer Site building Views link, or navigate to admin build views. As shown in the following screenshot, enable the default backlinks view. Default Node view backlinks (default Displays a list of nodes that link to the node, using the search backlinks table. Once we have enabled the backlinks view, we want to clone it. So, we click the Clone link. Change the View name to conversations, and change the View description to Cloned from default backlinks view displays a list of nodes that link to the node, using the search backlinks table. The View tag can be left blank.

Checking Your Links

What you can control is your own links. You should make sure that your own links you make to, for example, past stories still work. Another source of broken links is the list of links you have in your blogroll, resources list, and so on, managed by WordPress's Link Manager (described in Chapter 17). Finally, readers sometimes leave links in their comments, which can go out-of-date. You could check each of those links by hand clicking each in your browser and checking that the link still works. Unfortunately, that gets tedious after about the first five Luckily, a number of solutions to this problem are available, in the form of both online services and desktop tools.

The alt and title attributes

Many web designers want to use graphics instead of text to represent links or menu options. While this may be helpful to users, text links are better for SEO and are preferred by search engines because they can't read graphics. If you do decide to use a graphic as a link, be sure to include the title attribute as Google will view the title text for that image a lot like the anchor text of a text link. Make sure the title text for graphical links describe the page where the link it pointed, not the page that it is on.

Pingbacks Track Backs and Comments

The first setting on the Discussion Options page, Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article (slows down posting), specifies that when you post a story that contains links, WordPress will attempt to send a Pingback message to each of those links. It uses a little discrimination in that it pings only links it thinks are permalinks. Links that are only to domains (such as http or http are not pinged. The reasoning is that it only makes sense to Pingback a specific story, and a link to a web site homepage is not likely

Using Desktop Link Checking Tools

After you install the extension into Firefox from Kevin's site, you will have a new command in the Tools menu Check Page Links, as shown in Figure 18-12. Click this command, and the extension will check the links in the page one at a time. As it checks each link, it will highlight it to indicate its status. The colors used are green for a good link, red for broken links, yellow for redirected or forbidden links, and gray for skipped links. Check Page Links lether you're looking for good links or bad links LinkChe t the tool for you. It's as easy to use as green, yellow, r ile I was searching a large page for one broken link hid( 1. choose Check Page Links in the Tools menu, by right-clicking on anywebpage, or click the available toolbar button _ to start and stop LinkChecker * red - broken links * yellow - forwarded forbidden links green - good links sideharwith broken link summary list anchored tn had links

Configuring modrewrite in htaccess for PN legacy URLs in

I'll be migrating Kairosnews from PostNuke to Drupal CVS this weekend. Since the site has almost 2000 stories, I'm concerned about the fact tha any links to them from around the web will go dead. Some consolation is that the .htaccess rules will take those dead links and refer them to the home page instead of 404ing them. Can .

Tracking Responses to Specific Assignments

In some cases, an assignment will be answered by students online. This section covers how to track student responses to specific assignments. In Chapter 6, we cloned the default backlinks view that comes with the Views module as a way of showing links between blog posts. We will use the same technique to see student responses to specific assignments.

Implementing Service Links

Configure the module at Administer Site configuration Service links. Select the checkbox next to ''Blog entry'' in the ''Node types'' section. Select whichever bookmark links (Digg, Facebook, etc.) and search links (Technorati) you wish. Select Teasers and full-page view in the Service links in the Nodes dropdown list. Select Image and text links in the Service links Style dropdown list. And click on the ''Save configuration'' button.

Granting and Revoking Permissions

To change the permissions available to each user, you may click on the link edit permissions next to the name of the role. To see the full matrix of all permissions for all roles, navigate to Administer, User management, Permissions. The role summary page also contains a text link to this page.

Images Hosted Offsite

If you prefer to host your images offsite, but you want to include a lot of them in your Web site, you should consider using the CCK-related module, Embedded Imagefield. This module allows you to integrate images from third-party services as a CCK field, and it creates links back to the hosting providers as part of the module. The project page for this module is http project emfield.

Editing the Default Display

These argument settings confirm that we are only checking for backlinks on Blog posts and Bookmarks. As we add more content types (for audio, video, and images) we will need to update this view to check for backlinks on these additional content types as well. We will also use a version of this view in Chapter 13 Tracking Student Progress.

Monitoring Your Storage Space

If you do find yourself running low on space, or at least heading that way, you have several options. If you have a lot of high-resolution images, you should consider replacing the older ones with lower-resolution versions, if that won't detract from the value of your old posts. Similarly, if your community blog is a support site for your software and you offer downloads, you could consider removing the older versions. But make sure any old posts that link to them are updated. You don't want to leave bad links in your old posts. I'll show you how to check for bad links later in this chapter, in the Checking Your Links section. With regard to your database, there isn't really a lot you can do to reduce its size. The bulk of your database is your content your posts and pages, your visitors' comments, and your links. You don't want to get rid of any of that because it is the lifeblood of your blog. However, the spam comments can go, as described next.

Visiting Other Points of Interest

Tip Some unscrupulous folks see that their site is linked in the phpBB member list, and register accounts on many boards across the Internet to help boost their Google page rank. The Restrict Guest Access modification limits viewing of the member list to registered users, thus removing this incentive. See Chapter 11 for details on installing modifications.

Tip The TinyMCE module httpdrupalorgprojecttinymce allows Wysiwyg Html editing and integrates nicely with the Image

The final field on the HTML filter's configuration page is Spam Link Deterrent. In early 2005, Google announced that it would no longer award any page rank credit to sites based on links with the rel nofollow attribute in them. This was done in response to the increasing phenomenon of spammers posting comments on blogs with links to their own sites just to increase their page ranking with Google and other search engines. Drupal quickly responded, and by checking the Spam Link Deterrent option, you ensure that any links posted by your site's users will have the rel nofollow attribute, and Google will not follow them when spidering. Let's hope that the incentive for comment spam will dwindle as spammers realize that they are wasting their time.

Setting File Upload Options

The Track Links' Update Times check box refers to the blogroll-style links that WordPress supports. If you check this box and include the file wp-admin update-links.php in your theme file, WordPress will automatically track the last time the blogs in your links were updated.

Maintaining Your Blog

You need to do some regular housekeeping if you are to maintain a working, active community web site. Some of those housekeeping tasks are standard things you should do for any kind of web site making backups, checking your links, and so on. Some things are WordPress-specific, and some of them are specific to maintaining your readers' interest.

Taking It Further

The Talk module moves the comments on a wiki page to a separate Talk page, to emulate the Discussions separation found in many wiki packages. The Views module's Backlinks view (included with http project views) The Views module comes with a default view named Backlinks, which you can easily enable in the Views administration page. Backlinks will give you a list of all the other pages on the site that are referring to the page you are viewing at the moment.

Modifying the Base Theme

Next I'll change how the site title is displayed. Instead of displaying the title as a hypertext link (underlined and blue), I'll remove the underline and change the text color. In the page.css file, search for the site-name a link and site-name a visited CSS IDs and add the text-decoration and color attributes as shown here

Caution Search Engine Penalization

Most search engines use a number of different metrics to determine where a web site is positioned in a list of search results. Some search engines, such as Google have a metric (Google's is called Page Rank which factors in other things too) which is based on in-bound links, where a web site link from one site to another acts as a vote.

Seeing Whos Discussing What

Within the site, we will want to see who is discussing what posts. In web parlance, this is referred to as a backlink. Fortunately, the Views module comes with a means of tracking backlinks by default. We will clone and customize this existing view to get exactly the functionality we want. The default backlinks view needs to be enabled and cloned.

Wider Picture

The first step is to change the appearance of the paging links described in the previous section. In the include file main-content.php, which defines The Loop that outputs the articles (see Chapter 16 for more information about The Loop), change the call to wp_link_pages. Add parameters to produce the Next Page and Previous Page links you can see in Figure 17-18. Listing 17-11 shows the changes in the code (highlighted in bold).

Multisite resources

If you continue using Drupal multisite, you will want to investigate how to configure multisite in various different environments, such as Linux, Mac, shared and dedicated servers. provides a wealth of resources on the Drupal multisite topic. There's an entire Multi-site how-tos page on that contains links to various resources on Drupal. Everything, from installing multisite in 10 minutes to running multiple domains or virtual hosts using different databases, is covered. The Drupal multisite universe is a large one and will only become more flexible with the imminent release of Drupal 7.x. The Multisite resource guides are here on http node 4 3 816.

Building a Block

For this example, you'll create two blocks that make content moderation easier to manage. First, you'll create a block to list comments being held pending approval, then you'll create a block to list unpublished nodes. Both blocks will also provide links to the edit form for each piece of moderated content.

Bayesian Filter

The Bayesian filter does statistical analysis on spam content, learning from spam and non-spam that it sees to determine the likelihood that new content is or is not spam. The filter starts out knowing nothing, and has to be trained every time it makes a mistake. This is done by marking spam content on your site as spam when you see it. Each word of the spam content will be remembered and assigned a probability. The more often a word shows up in spam content, the higher the probability that future content with the same word is also spam. As most comment spam contains links back to the spammer's websites (ie. to sell Prozac), the Bayesian filter provides a special option to quickly learn and block content that contains links to known spammer websites.

WC markup validation

You should run a comprehensive scan of the site to check for improperly formed code, broken links, and other oversights that could hinder your search engine positioning. Obviously, Google can't reject sites just because they have bad markup (most of the sites out there have at least one thing wrong with them). However, bad HTML can confuse the search engine spiders. They're not as forgiving as a modern browser is to technical issues. By eliminating any problem markup, you can remove this concern from your site.

Task Based Navigation

Regardless of the type of Web site you have created, there will be some tasks that you need to perform on a regular basis. These tasks may range from creating a simple blog entry to undertaking a more complex series of tasks, such as editing, reviewing, and publishing content submitted by multiple Web site authors. Drupal provides a navigation block for users who are logged into the Web site that contains links to Create Content, Administer the site, and Logout from the site. This block features the user's name as the title of the block and typically appears on the left side of the page in a default Drupal installation as shown in Figure 8.5.

Mass URL aliasing

You have the 'contact' page alias from the example above, then the display 3 alias will not be effective when outgoing links are created. Incoming URLs however always work with the mass URL aliased variant. Only the 'incoming' and 'outgoing' modes are supposed to be supported by your conf_url_rewrite function.

Other Great Tools

Another helpful tool is the Google Toolbar. Google Toolbar gives you some very helpful tools like a Google search box and the Google Pagerank indicator. Visit any page on the web and the toolbar will tell you the Pagerank of that page. Currently, the Google Toolbar only supports Firefox and Internet Explorer. The following screenshot shows the Google Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox PageRank PageRank is a very important factor which needs to be taken into consideration for the Search Engine Optimization of your site. PageRank is a number between zero and ten that expresses Google's view of the importance of a web page. Important pages receive higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of search results. Links pass PageRank value from one page to another. It's sometimes called link juice. A link from an important site passes more link juice than a link from a lesser site. You can get more PageRank simply by having pages with PageRank link to you. Each page that links to your...

SEO Testing

If you've followed along chapter by chapter through this book, then you have a very well optimized Drupal web site at this point. There are only a couple of things left to do and you'll be finished with the on-page optimization. You've come this far, so let's finish it strong. We're going to talk about RSS feeds, optimizing your site's PageRank, tweaking your site speed, and testing your site's quality and optimization score with some third party services. While it could be said that these things are optional, I've found that the difference between the top 10 and number 1 in Google is how well you take care of all of the little details. It merits saying again, the great thing about Drupal is that you set these things up one time and they're (almost) done forever.

Bookmark to Blog

In Chapter 13 Tracking Student Progress, we will describe how to track responses to assignments. Also, as noted earlier, the backlinks functionality requires cron jobs to be set up. Cron jobs are covered in detail in Chapter 15 Backup, Maintenance, and Upgrades. In Chapter 13 Tracking Student Progress, we will describe how to track responses to assignments. Also, as noted earlier, the backlinks functionality requires cron jobs to be set up. Cron jobs are covered in detail in Chapter 15 Backup, Maintenance, and Upgrades.

Aggregator Module

Drupal's Aggregator module reads syndicated feeds from other sites, in essence allowing your Drupal site to act as a feed reader. It will publish the titles, headlines, and teasers from articles and posts in the feeds, as well as provide links to the original content. Thus, your site

Preventing spam

However, user comments introduce a whole set of problems called Comment Spam. Just because you have a web site, some users will use it as their own little playground for creating links back to anywhere they want. Fortunately, there is a terrific, and mostly automatic, service for preventing spam called Mollom. Mollom was created by Benjamin Schrauwen and Dries Buytuart (Recognize that name He's the founder of Drupal ). Thanks guys, you've got a winner here

Creating a New Menu

After saving the menu, you can now add items to it. As practice, create menu items for the following external links, using the process described in the section Adding a Menu Item for an External Page,,, and When completed, your menu should look something like that in Figure 5-6.


Acquia's goal is to be a trusted source of information and support for Drupal. Enter Volacci, an internet marketing firm that specializes in natural SEO. Volacci partnered with Acquia in May of 2008 to provide content optimization, conversions consulting, and link-building solutions for

Control Panel

The sample block shown in Figure 8.14 uses the default menu for Administer and contains links to Content management, Site building, Site configuration, User management, Reports, and Help. Although the display is not perfect, altering the titles of the longest menu options tightens up the display significantly as shown in Figure 8.15. Instead of changing the names of the menu items, you may wish to build your own custom menus containing each of the options your users will need.


In Chapter 3, we created a bookmark content type using the Link module. In Chapter 4, when we created the Teacher blog, we set up the view that collects the Teacher blog posts to include bookmarks. In Chapter 6, when we set up the Student blog, we configured the views that collect Student blog posts and backlinks to include bookmarks. To complete the process, we need to assign rights to users in the student role to create bookmarks.

Spotlight Image Field

Building on the flexibility of CCK, any module in Drupal can provide a reusable field that can be used to extend your content types. Fields that handle things like text or numbers are bundled with CCK, but you can just as easily add fields that allow you to upload audio and video files, click web links, and more. These other field types are separate projects on the website, available under the CCK category (http

How it Works

When a student is responding to an assignment, they need to include a link to the assignment in their response. By including the link to the assignment, the site will automatically detect the backlink, and register it as a response. _ As described in Chapter 6, the list of backlinks is created during cron T

Offsite SEO

As we had discussed earlier, one of the metrics for a web site's position in search results are its inbound links. Commenting on web sites, blogs, forums, video posts, profiles and so on with web links can increase a web site's ranking. This should always be done with care, consideration and courtesy, for instance, with a link in your personal signature on forums. Spamming web sites with comments is a very bad practice. However, relevant and appropriate comments on relevant web sites and articles, with a link back to our site, is a good start. Many companies specialize in this form of SEO. So if it is something you are serious about, it is worth looking around to see what they can offer.


Often blocks are used to present information that is customized to the current user. For example, a navigation block contains links to only the administrative functions to which the current user has access. Placement and visibility of blocks is managed through the web-based administrative interface.

Seeking New Readers

Submit your site to related directories and special-interest sites. Politely invite people to your site. Don't spam those other sites show respect for their owners, who are likely trying to build their own readership. Always consider reciprocal links to sites that contain links to your site.

Spam Module

Recent years have seen an explosion in web site spam. Spam is any content posted to a web site that is unwanted or has an ulterior motive other than being part of the online community. The most common ulterior motive is getting links to third-party web sites published, in pursuit of the higher search engine rankings that come with the elevated page rank that their web sites enjoy when links from external sites point to them.

Build relationships

If you say something controversial, and it starts a firestorm, well, that's good More readers Just don't let someone say something bad about you without responding to it. A few months ago I posted an article about link building that, if read the wrong way, could imply that I was advocating comment spamming. No That's a disaster and my readers said so. So, I quickly posted my clarification and thanked readers for their comments. Tough Yes. Worth it Absolutely. Learn from my mistakes and check it out at the following web site 0 0

Seeing It Work

The backlinks functionality uses the site's search index to track links. The search index gets updated when cron jobs are run. We will discuss how to automate cron jobs in Chapter 15 Backup, Maintenance, and Upgrades. Until cron jons are automated, you can run a cron job manually by v) navigating to http cron.php when logged in as a site administrator. If your backlinks are not showing (or any time search gives you unexpected results) triggering a cron job manually can help resolve the issue. Lucy will read Helen's first awesome blog post, and after being inspired or motivated by helen's post, lucy will create her own post where she links back to Helen's first awesome blog post.

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