Adding Modules




Some required modules must be enabled

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Chapter 3

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In this instance, it is telling us that it depends on two other modules, both of which are enabled.

Looking at Taxonomy as shown by the following screenshot:

Enables the categorization of

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The converse is displayed, insofar as it tells us that while Taxonomy itself has no dependencies, it is required by Forum. Note too that Drupal prevents us from disabling any module that is required by another enabled module, by disabling the checkbox next to the module's name. Disabling the Taxonomy module in this case requires us rst to disable all modules that depend on it first—in this case, Forum.

For at least a few of these modules, we will have to put in some serious thought before they are actually implemented on the site. In particular, Forum needs to be discussed in some depth, but before we do that, let's take a look at what else is available, courtesy of the Drupal community.

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