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...means that blocks no longer have to query the database (or whatever else it is they are doing) each time a page refreshes. Rather, they simply serve up the cached version and save on all that work.

The next section, entitled Bandwidth optimizations, deals with how to best transfer data from your server across the Internet to the users' browsers. The way in which data is transferred plays a role in the optimal way to do things, and the most important things to remember are:

Keep les small

Keep the number of les down

Advanced Features and Modifications

As shown in the following screenshot, Drupal can aggregate and compress disparate CSS and JavaScript les in order to reduce the size and number of requests made to a server. Obviously, this has a huge number of benefits, especially if you are charged for bandwidth usage:

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DrUpSi can AUVWtiticalty.Optimi» external resources like CSS and Jw&Suipf. hMhichi can reduce both the size and number of requests made lo yiour website CSS files can be aggregated end compressed into a single file «tills Jj>aScnpi files are aggiegated (but not compressed} These optional optimizations may reduce server load bandwidlh retirements and page reading (imes

Tliese c pi ions are disabled iF you iia-.-e not set up your files director/ or jf your download mettujrj is si! to pnv^le

Optimize CSS files:

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Thi ihHhmi canrlarfiri w(Mntm< devetopmenlAnd liquid ^¡V t< i rat-Jed n a producton Hi-viHHimenr

Optimise Jav»Scrtpl files:

Disabled *> Enabled

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The final option is useful when making modifications to a site because it helps to ensure that changes are definitely displayed and not held up while the site cache is still in operation:

Cteaf cacn-îd data

Caching dala imprwes performance buL rray c-ause pet'j^s while Vüiiiíisiisííinj livv mCiJef, Ihtmcf or translations rfwtdst^d infamtawn nas t&w escita To refresh all eschfd dsts on your jut chck Uh huton t»low H'aruing high-trafHc ito ^■■■ e-fpere<~ce ¿jfiAvmaice ata. Aw. «ir 'e cached

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Having the ability to clear the cache in order to view precisely how pages are being built is useful, but comes at a price. Remember that if you have a large site with much content then Drupal will have to do a lot of work to rebuild its cache and it is possible that users may notice a slowdown during this time.

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