Posting a Feature Rich Page

This brief section will outline the process for getting pages up and on the site. The following list shows the steps required:

1. Create a new post, or edit one that is to be modified. In our case, we have an About us page already, so as the administrator, we can simply click on the edit tab when viewing the About us page.

2. Enter or modify the title of the page accordingly.

Chapter 7

3. Select the correct input format. In this case, we have a specially created a format called Special pages.

4. Copy and paste the HTML into the Body text area.

5. Ensure the Authoring information and Publishing options are all correct.

6. For something like the About us page, it is probably best to disable comments, as you really want this to be a standalone page and not subject to any debate from the rest of the community.

7. Next, ensure that the Menu settings are appropriate for the page being added. In this case, we have the following settings in place:

Menu settings

!—! check to remote this item from the menu. miíhu link fldjk

I'h-t lin'r ttxC rai*iipDnd."g bo thli ittm th-ib ihould ¿pp«ir in >■-. t rm£-.u. Lov.'t b'tn- -rf Ydu da riob v-rh Id jd<t thlj poit ts th» rn*<iu.

Parcat ilri»:

Thfl mjv.mum d»pT*> for «i Ittm 4nd lit rtt chwdrto ll find *t 9. Somt m,nu itami m*v b* *v jilit-l« »1 pir-cnt; if jelvchnc thum would «xcncd tfiu iimdj


O^tiooJ. Ln til a m^u, thd h*ii*idi iteinr w -I jlr.■ ind hghtai itarrii ¥-11 hi positioned nttho b;p.

That's it! Once you are ready to view the page, click on Preview, and if everything looks in order, submit it. Remember that it can easily be edited again if anything is wrong.

Obviously, if you are not familiar with either HTML or PHP, you will need to practice a bit with these, but the following links should provide a start:

Hopefully, you now feel quite con dent about incorporating more complex pages into your site.

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