This chapter focused on two quite different aspects of a Drupal website. The first dealt with functionality and explored a couple of the more advanced features and modules available, while the second looked at how to utilize JavaScript to enhance and modernize your Drupal site.

The use of OpenID to homogenize the login process for your site, as well as implementing actions and triggers to automate tasks, should both encourage new community members to join and make managing the site easier.

Drupal 6 has vastly improved multi-lingual support, and this chapter has provided a firm grounding on how to set up a truly international website to cater for a variety of different users around the world. In addition, the process of understanding and dealing with the stresses and strains that your site will be subject to, once it becomes well used, was discussed and the caching and throttling mechanisms built into Drupal were introduced to take care of these.

All in all, your website should now be pretty much complete, or, if there is something you want to add that was not explicitly discussed here, you should now have enough general experience to go ahead and make some bold changes. Gaining the confidence to create an advanced website is simply about taking the time to learn your way around things, and this chapter has given you the platform from which to start.

Chapter 9

The following chapter looks at administrative tasks associated with maintaining a live website, and doesn't relate to the development of your site as directly as these first nine have. Because of this, I would like to take the time to congratulate you on completing your website now, as well as assure you that all the hard development work is done.

If you would like to get your site up and running as soon as possible, feel free to skip the next chapter and go directly to the Appendix, which outlines how to properly deploy a new site to its home on the Web. You can always come back to Chapter 10 and learn how to maintain and administer everything once it is up and running.

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