Tfiis is not Hebrew

Edit Outline Translate fllog entry JTwi ii rtii W.'toiew ftas been created.

Wetf, oi/it/soae - - ctean Rather, it is EfiQlistv., cl&an'si)lQQ Add new ccmmern:

Chapter 9

To add a translation into one of the other enabled languages, click on Translate, and then select a language to provide a translation for by selecting the appropriate add translation link:







Mût translatai!

¿c d ya-njjabon

Englith (ifctirte)

TTiii iS not HobWw





Not translated

iiîd tra.i^ation

This will bring up the translation page for the selected language in order for you to post the translation—once that is done, click Save. My Hebrew is not great, so the translation leaves everything to be desired—in fact, I left it in English entirely. However, look closely at the translated page and towards the bottom you will notice a language link:

aiûo entry ÏM* ÎÎ rwr ftfcùww has b?en c^arad.

Wfld, il/l-t/2003 - 15:07 - tlflin Ratiier, it i£ English .

Clean'* yDg Enghfh

Clicking on this displays the alternative translation, in this case English, but retains a link for the other language (and any other language for which there is a translation of the post):

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