A single user account can be given as many or as few permissions as you like via the use of roles. Drupal users are not really anything unless they already have a role that de nes the manner in which they can operate within the Drupal framework. Hence, we discussed roles rst.

Access Control

Users can be created in two ways. The most common way is by registering on the site—if you haven't already, go ahead and register a new user on your site by clicking the Create new account link on the homepage just to test things out. Remember to supply a valid email address otherwise you won't be able to sign in properly. This will create an authenticated user, with any and all permissions that have been assigned to the authenticated user role.

The second way is to use the administrative user to create a new user. In order to do so, log on as the administrative user and click on Users in User management under Administer. Select the Add user tab and follow the instructions on that page. For example, I created a new forum moderator user by ensuring that the relevant role was checked:

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Confirm pass word;

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aufrientm-ted user ffl ¡arum moderator user

NoWy user of new account [ Create new acc&unt )

You will need to supply Drupal with usernames, email addresses, and passwords. Once there are a couple of users to play around with, it's time to begin working with them.

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