Working with Content Types

It is possible to specify some default behavior for each of the content types. To do this, go to Content types under Content management to bring up the following page:

Content types . add content type

Below is. ¿ litt at ¿II the fontent hpei on yiiur srti, A3 pcisii th¿t i^st en

your site ara instance? oí -one of these content types.






A fctifl urc¡fy <p a sififlJi ccir to an siWiiii journal, or bisc-


A OaoirpaQ'i is a pag^ ai eonttnt,

orgamied into a collection of relite-d


entries collectively Sir-own as a back, 4


Jxxhfcfttpe automatical disptiys links to

edit delete


aijJCL-nl providing 4 ¡¡irncli; navigation sy^tein for organizing and reviewing structured content



A to rum ¡Pidi Ii the post to a



discussion thread within: a Forum,

A ¿jfi-, UiirtiU in foriM to .i StOiV, ¡1 t

simple method For creating and displaying

information that rareiv changes, such as


jn "Afcoui u»" section of J wibiite. 0T default, a pane entry does not ailnw visitor comments and is not featured on ifre site's initial homi page.

ef» delete

A po^ is a question witJi a nil: of DO-Eíiblí

Each content type has a set of editable configuration parameters, so to get a good idea of how they work, click on the edit in the Book page row. The edit page is broken up into four sections dealing with the following:

Identification - Allows you to specify the human readable name and the name used internally by Drupal for the associated content type, as well as add a description to be displayed on the content creation page.

Chapter 6

Submission form settings - Allows you to set the field names for the title and body (leaving the body blank removes the field entirely) as well as specify the minimum number of words required to make the posting valid. Again, it is possible to add in submission guidelines or notes to aid those users posting this content type.

Workflow settings - Allows you to set default publishing options, multilingual support, and specify whether or not to allow le attachments.

Comment settings - Allows you to specify default comment settings such as read or read/write, whether or not comments are allowed, whether they are to appear expanded or collapsed, in which order and how many, amongst other things.

By way of demonstration, the following Work ow settings were used for the Book page content type:

- Workflow settings

Default options:

0 Published

[J Promoted to (none page □ sticky at tap of lists El create new revision

Ufin with the admtniitw nc-Je- permiffion will be jbl* to overpid* these option*.

Multilingual iuuuort:

© Disabled Q enabled

Enrtlt nriuHilin^uil rupppit fc-t thif content t-/pn. If enabled, * languig» ro-imtion fi^ld mil b-s ±d-d*d to tho ■dihng f^rm* allovur-Q you to i»l*ct from one of the eciobFed I angtjageF 1f diiablfd. ne-r po;tr a-ie saved ■vith the default lingu kg*. C-'inhn-; cofYtent . II- not bo Aborted by ¿^ir.-g thii option.


O Disabled 0 Enabled

Obviously, your settings may well differ depending on how you want to use book pages (if at all), but, for example, opting to enable revisions helps ensure that all changes are recorded automatically to prevent the risk of losing data or corrupt content being published.

Basic Content

Changes made here will be visible whenever a user attempts to post content—see the next section on Creating Content for more information. In this example, the default posting page now has the Create new revision checkbox automatically checked.

I . -i ' Users with permission to administer a given content type can override I I ... ■ these default settings at will. I

It is also possible to add your own completely new content type by selecting the Add content type tab on the Content types page. Looking over the new page should be quite familiar to you as it is exactly the same configuration page that is presented for any other content type, so we won't talk about this in much depth for the moment. However, we will come back to this when we look at how to create more advanced and complex content types.

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