Banning Abusive Users

One of the most useful features of the Statistics module is that it allows you to identify visitors who are abusing your site. Usually, these are not human visitors, but rather search engine crawlers that are malfunctioning or machines automatically accessing your site in an abusive manner. Once you identify a user, usually represented by an IP address, that is abusing your site, you can ban access from that particular abuser. This is a fantastic tool if your site is buckling under an artificially high load that is being generated by attackers or corrupt automated programs generating excessive requests.

The Statistics module defines four views of the statistics it gathers: top referrers (admin/ logs/referers), top pages (admin/logs/pages), top visitors (admin/logs/users), and recent hits (admin/logs/hits). On the top visitors page, you can inspect the usage patterns of specific host names and perhaps detect abuse. You can see the drain that a particular visitor is putting on your site by looking at either the number of hits or the total page generation time. Each unique visitor can be banned using the ban link.

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

So what does SEO stand for and what does it do for your offline business? Search Engine Optimization is the official title and you can see why it is commonly abbreviated. If you are wondering about SEO then you either have a new website or are considering setting one up. SEO comes in to play once your site is live on the web. After all you now have to get visitors to actually see your site. In SEO terms attracting visitors is known as generating traffic and this can be achieved by using search engine optimization tactics.

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