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Another regular routine task you should undertake is to check the links on your site. Nothing is quite so frustrating to a user than to click a link referenced in a blog post, only to find the page has disappeared. Inevitably, people do move their web sites to new URLs, or they rearrange their site so that old links to pages no longer work. Sometimes, they abandon their sites altogether. You cannot control what other people do with the pages you link to, but you can at least make sure your readers are not disappointed too often.

What you can control is your own links. You should make sure that your own links you make to, for example, past stories still work. Another source of broken links is the list of links you have in your blogroll, resources list, and so on, managed by WordPress's Link Manager (described in Chapter 17). Finally, readers sometimes leave links in their comments, which can go out-of-date. You could check each of those links by hand: clicking each in your browser and checking that the link still works. Unfortunately, that gets tedious after about the first five! Luckily, a number of solutions to this problem are available, in the form of both online services and desktop tools.

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