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To create a flexinode type, choose administer > content > content types > add content type (admin/node/types/add_type). The content type name and description that you choose for your new type are analogous to the names and descriptions you can see for existing node types when you click create content (node/add). The help text will appear at the top of the form when you or other web users create new instances of the custom node. Use this field to give any special instructions that might be helpful to your users when creating new nodes of this type. Figure 4-8 shows an example of defining a new flexinode type named Basketball Team.

Home » administer » content » content types edit content type

Content type name:*_

[basketball team |


[Everything you need to know about a little-league team |

A one-line description of the content type. Help text:

Hake sure your team photo is smaller than 1MB in size before uploading.

Instructions to present to the user when adding new content of this type.

Figures 4-8. Defining a new flexinode type named Basketball Team

The name and description you give your new content type appear with its choice on the content-creation form. Figure 4-9 shows the Basketball Team type added to the list of content choices.


T create content

□ basketball team

□ log out create content

Choose the appropriate item from the list:

• basketball team

Everything you need to know about a little-league team

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Figure 4-9. After creating the Basketball Team flexinode type, it appears in the list of content type choices. Notice its description shows up in this list.

The help text you added for your new content type is displayed on the content-creation form for that type, as shown in Figure 4-10.

Figure 4-10. When you select to use the Basketball Team flexinode type, its help text appears near the the top of the form.

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