Creating Groups

Groups are another content type, just like blogs, pages, and stories. To create a group, you use the group link on the Create content page (node/add). In this case, the group node that you create serves as a container for all of the other content and activities of your group. You have the same general services that Drupal provides for other types of nodes, such as the ability to be categorized with the taxonomy system. Note that you must have the Create Groups permission to create a group.

When you create a new group, you will be faced with several decisions, among them the name and description of the group. You also get to decide how new group members will be admitted by setting the Selective field, which has the following options:

Open: This means that subscription requests are accepted immediately. Open is the easiest to maintain and the most organic.

Moderated: This means that subscription requests must be approved. If the group is moderated, the person who created the group is the manager. The manager will have the chance to approve or deny the request for subscription via the subscribers link in the Group Details block. This link shows not only how many current subscribers there are, but also how many requests for subscription have been made (in parentheses, as shown in Figure 4-18).

Invite only: With this setting, subscriptions must be created by an administrator. If the group is made to be invite only, the moderator should add users by clicking the add subscribers link that is visible as a tab on the page listing all of a group's subscribers. Users are added by entering a comma-separated list of usernames.

Closed: Subscriptions are managed fully by the administrator. Users cannot choose to join or invite others.

DruMentors SoC

• create personal blog entry

• create Rehearsal

Figure 4-18. The Group details block and the link to manage subscriptions

■ Note The moderator of a group is the person who created the group. It is not currently possible to have more than one moderator. To change the moderator of a group, a user with the Administer Nodes permission must edit the group node and change the Authored By field to the username of the new moderator. Since the Administer Nodes permission is almost synonymous with being a site administrator, you should not grant this permission solely for the sake of changing group moderators. Until this facet of the Organic Groups module is better developed, it is advisable to either disallow the changing of moderators or to handle all requests to do so yourself. Be careful to whom you grant Administer Nodes permission!

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