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An important way to get more visitors to your site and help build your community is to have good search engine visibility. WordPress is great for natural search engine visibility, and by that I mean the real search results that appear below and to the left of the paid-for-inclusion ads in Google and other popular search engines.

Getting search engine optimization for free—right out of the box—is a great bonus when you're trying to build an online community. Getting good search engine ranking—that is, getting your site higher up in the search results when people look for web sites on your subject—is essential to guiding visitors to your site.

WordPress helps you get good search engine ranking in a number of ways: by constructing structured, semantic, standards-compliant HTML; by providing multiple views of your content; and by creating search-engine-friendly permalinks. But that's not all there is to improving search engine visibility for your site. There are also a number of things that you can do with your content to help your site get good search engine ranking.

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12 SEO Myths Busted

12 SEO Myths Busted

Within this guide you will find 12 cold, bitter truths about search engine optimization myths that have been busted. This is a common myth that is fed to new website owners as a quick way to get backlinks and traffic. If youve got a new site, the best thing to do is to find a lot of related blogs and post comments, right? Wrong. Most, if not all, blogs have nofollow tags within their code. Nofollow tags will stop the page rank and SEO from one blog from going into the other.

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