Installing and Activating the RSS Link List PlugIn

Download the plug-in from the author's site at It comes as a zip file. Extract it onto your local hard drive. Upload the file lastRSS.php to the wpcontent folder, and the file rssLinkList.php to the wpcontent/plugins folder.

Bill also recommends creating a new folder to allow the plug-in to cache the external RSS content. Create the folder wpcontent/rssCache and set the permissions so that the web server process can create and write to files in that folder. The permissions need to be the same as the wp-content folder. See Chapter 14 for details on setting permissions.

Go to the Plugins Management page (see Figure 15-8), as described earlier in the chapter, and activate the plug-in. That's all there is to it. There are some configuration options for this plug-in, but I'll cover those in the next chapter.

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