Menu Module

One of the most important aspects of any web site is its navigation menus. Furthermore, one of the first questions many people have about using Drupal is, "How do I make my own navigation menu?" The Menu module is the tool that allows you to customize and create navigation menus.

Drupal comes with a default navigation menu that serves as the main control panel for your Drupal site. By now, you are probably very familiar with this menu and its create content, my account, and administer links. The Menu module allows you to modify this menu, as well as create your own custom menus. You can then place your custom menus in blocks and administer them with the tools for configuring and positioning of blocks (discussed in Chapter 2). The Menu module also adds an item to content-creation forms that allows you to place a link to the item being created directly into a menu. This allows for a very comfortable workflow of creating content and then linking to it within a menu hierarchy, all from the same form.

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