Testing Your Templates

Now that you have customized your template, you will want to test it thoroughly to ensure there are no major problems. I recommend testing your template at different screen resolutions and in different browsers to ensure accessibility and platform parity between browsers. If at lower resolutions you have horizontal scroll bars on your page, for example, you will want to revisit some of your code to see if these can be prevented.

Remember that you want your community to be as clean-looking as possible in as many browsers as possible, to make it inviting to your users. With the recent rise in usage of alternative browsers, you can't afford to target your site to one particular platform, because that could make your community uninviting to those who choose not to use that platform.

Tip A Mozilla Firefox extension provides a very handy toolbar for debugging and testing your web sites, including your phpBB templates. Visit https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=60 to download and install the Web Developer Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. It works with all current versions of Firefox and can be quite a lifesaver!

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