Adding Google Ads to Your Content

There is also a method of inserting ads directly into your content. For example, if you wanted to show an ad within content, you would first need to enable the Adsense filter, by navigating to input formats under administer and modifying a current input format or creating a new one entirely. For example, the Adsense filter was enabled on the Full HTML input format as follows:


P Adsense tag

Substitutes an adsense special tag with an ad, r HTML filter

Allows you to restrict if users can post HTML and which tags to filter out. P Line break converter

Converts line breaks into HTML (i.e. <br> and <p> tags), V PHP evaluator

Runs a piece of PHP code, The usage of this filter should be restricted to administrators only I Choose the filters that will be used in this filter format

Now, when adding content that makes use of the Full HTML input format, it is possible to add an adsense tag, and the Full HTML option has an extra line of information outlining how to make use of it, as shown here:

Adding a page that incorporates Google ads is then a trivial task. Simply insert the correct format, group, and channel into your adsense tag and add it wherever you like in your post:

This is a page of Google Ads: [adsense:336x280:2:l] All the best...

The adsense tag has a special format as follows:

[adsense:format:group:channel] where:

• format is one of the supported ad formats (for example, 468x60)

• group is the Numeric ad group this ad belongs to; determines colors

• channel is the numeric ad channel

Viewing this page once you have logged off gives the following result (depending on the settings you made for the relevant group referenced from the tag):

Advanced Features and Modifications

There is also a special format to be used with flexi blocks in the format: [adsense:flexiblock:location]

We don't discuss the use of Flexiblock here, and so we won't go into this now, but as an exercise you might find it worthwhile downloading and installing the Flexiblock contribution, and trying this out.

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