Daves picture

Users, Roles, and Permissions then you will need to ensure that you set the correct upload module permissions on the access control page, as follows:

Remember that since the Forum Administrator user automatically receives all the permissions of the authenticated user, it is not necessary to enable the view uploaded files permission for the Forum Administrator as this would be redundant and would make the purpose of your user less clear.

Allowing users to incorporate pictures into a site is a good way for people to be able to personalize their contributions, and also gives everyone something visual to associate posts with. This is a great way to foster a community, as it helps give different users an identity of sorts.

Editing the picture is easy! Simply modify it in the Picture section of the user's edit page as shown here:


Check this box to delete your current picture.

Upload picture:

Your virtual face or picture. Maximum dimensions are 85x35 and the maximum size is 30 kB.

That is pretty much the end of the line for configuring users. There are still a few more things we need to discuss with regards to security before we can move on though.

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