Set Up the Database

If you have access to phpMyAdmin on your host site, then open it up and follow along:

1. In the left-hand panel on the phpMyAdmin home page, click on the name of the database you installed earlier. (Recall that for the demo site, this was entitled contechj_contechst.)

2. In the new page that opens up, click on the SQL tab along the top of the page.

3. Click Browse under the Location of Textfile option.

4. Locate the file you would like to run against the database, and click Go.

If all goes according to plan, you will get a message informing you of the successful modifications to the database. You can then take a look through phpMyAdmin to ensure that the database has got whatever tables are needed.

It is possible that there may be issues between your host's system and the one you used to create the backup. For example, I initially received the following error:

This is because differing versions of MySQL sometimes use slightly differing syntax and it was necessary to remove all the default CHARSET=utf8 statements from the .sql file before everything ran smoothly.


If you do not have access to phpMyAdmin, then you will simply need to install the database using the .sql file in whatever manner is appropriate for your particular site. Recall that you are able to run the .sql file from the command line if you have access to that—if not, it's time to get in touch with the support team and find out how they recommend you run the contents of your .sql file.

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