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When Ubercart is installed, it automatically creates a Product Content type. You may verify this by visiting the Content types link in Administer. If you are familiar with creating content (nodes) in Drupal, then you will know that to add a new node of type Product, you need to browse to the Add content link and select Product. This will give you the form required to submit your product descriptions.

Create Product

Name of the product.

[ Split summary at cursor 1

Description: -

Enter the product description used for product teasers and pages.


Hold Ctrl while clicking to select multiple categories,

Product information — SKU: *

Product SKU/mo del,

List price: Cost: Sell price: *

The listed MSRP. Your store's cost. Customer purchase price.

0 Product and its derivatives are shippable.

Weight: Unit of measurement:

Physical dimensions of the packaged product,

Units of measurement: Length:



1 Inches

Package quantity:

For a package containing only this product, how many are in it? Default quantity to add to cart:

Leave blank or zero to disable the quantity field next to the add to cart button, if it is enabled in general, If it is disabled, this field is ignored,

List position:


Specify a value to set this product's position in product lists, Products in the same position will be sorted alphabetically.


|[ Browse... J

[ Upload 1

Maximum Filesize! 2 MB

Allowed Extensions: gif jpg jpeg png

[ Add another item ]

In this Product form, we do not have to fill in all of the fields. Only the essential parts, such as the Name, SKU, and the product price, need to be completed. We should also enter an appropriate Description of the item and one or several photographs, or else we will find it a bit tough to get a potential buyer to purchase our invisible product. Note that these fields are essential because Ubercart demands that they be filled in. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is the unique identifying mark for a specific product and thus must be defined. Without a price, nobody will be able to purchase the product. It may be helpful to add the product dimensions and the weight, so that the buyers have an idea of the size, especially if they are expecting it to fit in their mailbox.

Now post some products to make sure that your store has been properly set up. You should end up with a product page view similar to the one shown in the following screenshot:

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Price: $50.00

[ Add to cart ]

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