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We have designated the Group Content type as our group node, which means that it is the Content type that will always be used to create groups. Therefore, in order to create a new group, we go to the Create content link, and then select Group. This will present a page as shown in the following screenshot:

Create Group

Group name

|Kappa Kappa Alpha

Description: *


s group

Group description

A brief description for the group details block and the group directory.

0 List in groups directory

Should this group appear on the list of groups page (requires OG Views module)? Disabled if the group is set to private group. _

Other group options

□ Private group

Should this group be visible only to its members? Disabled if the group is set to List i. Directory or Membership requests: open.

□ Registration form

May users join this group during registration? If checked, a corresponding checkbox will be added to the registration form.

Membership requests: *

® Open - membership requests are accepted immediately. O Moderated - membership requests must be approved. O Invite only - membership must be created by an administrator. O Closed - membership is exclusively managed by an administrator.

How should membership requests be handled in this group? When you select dosed, users will not be able to join or leave.

Mission statement:

Split summary at cursor J

If you can't beat us join us

A welcome greeting for your group home page. Consider listing the group objectives and mission.

We define the name of the group and its visibility on this page. After we have created the new group, we may go to the Blocks page, and move the New groups block to the Left sidebar, It should show the details of the group there to all of the users who have access privileges to the group.

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