You may have seen that the form has no place to enable us to add images. Therefore, Hubert the hobo cannot post images into his blog entries, as he does not know how to code HTML.

Download the IMCE and Image modules, and install and enable them. While at it, also download the TinyMCE editor, enable it, and configure it. The TinyMCE editor is not essential, though. If it is not included, then Hubert might need to learn how to code after all, in order to be able to insert pictures, tables, and formatted text inline in his blog entries. Finally, you must also enable the Upload module, or else no user will be able to attach images or other files to their blog entries.

Having done this, return to Administer | Content management | Content types, and display the Blog entry Content type page again. At the bottom of the page, you will see a new panel for Image Attach settings. Enable Attach images, and now your blog entries will be ready to incorporate images. In order to confirm this, go to the Create content link for the Blog entry Content type again. Near the bottom, you will find the Attached images panel, where you can upload images to your blog entries.

For these to work though, you need to set the user permissions to enable your registered users to use the functionalities mentioned above.

V attached ¡mages

Existing image:

1 None llflSI

Choose an image already existing on the seruer if you do not upload a new one

Upload image:

Image title:

The title the image will be shown with,

You may find that the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor module may be quite difficult to configure all by itself. For this, there is also an autoconf module that does much of the hard work for you, automatically.

If you have configured your TinyMCE editor correctly, then you should have an editor toolbar, similar to the one shown in the following screenshot, in the Body text area. You can similarly post images onto the body of your blogs by using the image upload function in your TinyMCE editor, as well as add formatting to the Body text, by using the text formatting function.


Image UplSad Function

Image UplSad Function

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