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Now let us test our Image submission form, and see how it works. In order to do this, click on the Create content link in the Navigation menu and select Image. You will see a form, similar to the one shown in the following screenshot, which can be duly filled in:

Pina Colada


Click "Browse..." to select an image to upload.

—V Vocabularies

Image Galleries:


Other Tags:

¡London, The Water Hole, United Kingdom O

A comma-separated list of terms describing this content. Example: funny, bungee jumping, "Company, Inc.".

P Menu settings D Rebuild derivative images,

Check this to rebuild the deriuatiue images for this node.

Nujla at Ij.g.ula I Pha.seJJ.us Igbgrtjs mi eget urna. Vivamus ye| turpis. Dujs eu gurus. Fusee ut arcu in nibh mattjs fa.cilisis. Sed rj.s.us nisi, .Y.estj.b.u.l.u.m sit a.met, l.obortjs vitae, fn.ng.N.la. a, magna. .Fusee dictum I Curabitur non nulja yej metus. .gravida facijisis, Vi.y.a.m.us eu semi N.u.l.l.am mo.l.l.is,

Now add some images to ensure that you have done everything correctly.


0 My account i> Create content

» Administer

Home > Image galleries

Pina Colada Grey vL Tips and traps

C ) Remember to change the permissions to create Image and upload files ^ in the Permissions link on the Administer page.

Display content

We have learnt how to post Images into the gallery. Now let us classify our Images by the Image Galleries food type, and then by Continent.

Create quick menus with the Taxonomy Menu module

As before, there are several ways to provide quick access to images via their vocabulary. One quick method is to use a module known as Taxonomy Menu. What this essentially does is permits you to view your Images simply by clicking on a menu link that corresponds to the title of a vocabulary term.

Download the Taxonomy Menu module and install it. After this, go to the Administer page and then onto the Taxonomy Menu settings page. Select the vocabularies that you want to include in your menu, and save the configuration. For our example, the Taxonomy Menu settings page should be configured as shown in the following screenshot:

Taxonomy Menu settings

— Continent —

O No ® Normal

Image Galleries^

O No fSi Normal

Other Tags

® No O Normal

Module page:

| category

How should be the first item on the menu? Example: categories/1/2/3, technology/1/2/3

EH Display number of nodes per terms

If checked, number of node per term will be displayed in the menu.

E Hide Empty Terms

If checked, only taxonomy terms with members will be shown in the menu.

0 Display descendants

If checked, then when a term is selected all nodes belonging to subterms are also displayed.

[ Save configuration J

You will now see the links to the items related to each vocabulary under the Navigation menu in the sidebar. If you have posted items into the categories already, then you will see that your posts appear on the page when you click on the corresponding menu. If you click on the Continent | Africa link, for example, then you will see a page containing Images that have been posted to the site from Africa.

Home i Continent



v Continent

Fruit slide

° Africa

Sat, 04/11/2009 - 10:33 - admin

0 Antarctica

° AUstSha-^^

"SKk1 |

° Europe ° North America

Average: \

° South America

l> Image Galleries

^"""■y Taxonomy menu 1

° My account

O Create content > Administer 0 Log out

Roast Buffalo dinner

Mulla at ligula! Phasellus lobortis mi eget urna. Vivamus vel turpis. Duis eu purus. Fusee ut arcu in nibh mattis facilisis. Sed risus nisi, vestibulum sit amet, lobortis vitaej fringilla a, magna, Fusee dictum! Curabitur non nulla vel metus gravida facilisis. Vivamus eu sem! Nullam mollis.


Average: ir&GirCr

Add new comment Read more Africa Main courses

In the Blocks link on the Administer page, we will find that blocks have been automatically created for latest image submitted. We will now assign the Latest image block to the Right sidebar, as we had planned.

Site navigation

Now let's tidy up our site by creating a menu system that is more intuitive. We will:

• Put our entire Continent menu under a newly-created Grub menu

• Assign the gallery to the front page

Create the Menu for Continent and Galleries page views

In order to do this:

1. Navigate to the Menus link on the Administer page.

2. Click on the Add menu tab to access the page to create the menu.

3. Add a new menu called Grub.

4. Click on the Navigation link at the top of the Menus page to access the page that lists all of the navigation links.

5. Click on the edit link in front of the vocabulary Continent.

6. On the resulting page, change the Parent item to <Grub>, and also select the Expanded checkbox, as shown in the following screenshot:



Menu link title: 4

The link text corresponding to this item that should appear in the menu.


The description displayed when hovering over a menu item.

0 Enabled

Menu items that are not enabled will not be listed in any menu,

0 Expanded

If selected and this menu item has children, the menu will always appear expanded,

Parent item:

The maximum depth for an item and all its children is fixed at 9. Some menu items may not be available as parents if selecting them would exceed this limit.


Optional. In the menu, the heavier items will sink and the lighter items will be positioned nearer the top.

After saving, you are taken to another page, which shows that all of the menu items for the terms have been moved to under Grub. Do the same for the Image Galleries link.

Now visit the Blocks page, grab the Grub block, and drag it to the Right sidebar section of the regions list. On saving the settings, you will see that your new Grub links for Continent and for Image Galleries have been neatly placed where they can be accessed easily.

Assign the Gallery to the front page

In order to assign the Gallery to the front page, go to the Site information link on the Administer page. At the foot of the page, we will find the field to set the Default front page. The view page for the Image gallery is image, so we can change the setting to image, as shown in the screenshot below:

Finishing up

We can now enable our Magazeen theme on the Themes page.


In this chapter, you have learned how to:

• Build a basic site for publishing images uploaded by various users

• Use defined terms and free-tagging to classify content

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