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Dave Myburgh started out in computers when entire operating systems ran on a single floppy disk and 640kb of RAM was a lot! He studied to become a molecular biologist, but never lost his passion for computers. Later, he ran a successful computer company for a couple of years in South Africa, before moving to Canada with his wife. He went back to science on his arrival in Canada, and since discovering Drupal almost two years ago, he has once again started his own company, MybesInformatik. He loves working with Drupal, and is quite handy at theming, as well as hacking modules to make them do what he wants (sometimes, patches even get submitted back to the community). Now, he divides his time — unevenly — between family and Drupal.

I would like to thank Dries and the Drupal community for making Drupal what it is today. Without you guys and gals, I'd probably still be "doing static"—I can't wait for Drupal 6! I'd also like to thank my wife for putting up with my frequent late nights in front of the computer. I tell her it's work, but in reality, it's a lot of fun—just don't tell her I told you that.

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