The User Registration Form

The User Registration Form appears in the content region and can be reached from either the link in the Login block or from the links at the top of the Login Form and the Request Password Form.

USGT aCCOLint Login Request new password

(learn ame:

Your preferred usernome; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores.

A valid e-mail MGfess. All e-mails from tie system hI !>e scrK to Lh'S ao&ess, The c-fnall acdrrcs Is mc mode pvblfc ond -mil only be used If you wish io receive b new password or wish to receive ccrrelrt news or ro^ncations by e-msIL

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The user registration form appears in page mode only.

This form is generated by the function user register, found at modules/user.module.

The styling of the User Registration Form is predominantly managed by the selectors defined in the file modules/user/user, css. See Appendix A for a listing of the contents of that file.

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