Adding the ingredients list vocabulary

Good Eatin' Goal: Add a vocabulary that will store some of the key ingredients in menu items, so that customers can easily find meals that feature specialty foods or ingredients that they prefer.

Additional modules needed: Taxonomy (Core).

Basic steps

Building the Ingredients List vocabulary follows a similar process to the one used for building the Course Type vocabulary. However, we will modify the settings so that the editor doesn't need to enter a value, and he or she she can enter new terms when they enter a new menu item. These settings are as follows:

0 Tags

Terms are created by users when submitting posts by typing a comma separated list. 0 Multiple select

Allows posts to have more than one term from this vocabulary (always true for tags). □ Required

At least one term in this vocabulary must be selected when submitting a post. Weight:

Vocabularies are displayed In ascending order by weight.

0 0

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