Configuring a theme

The configuration options for a theme will vary depending on the actual theme. However, all themes allow you to determine if the following elements are displayed or not: logo, site name, site slogan, mission statement, user pictures in posts, user pictures in comments, search box, shortcut icon, primary links, and secondary links.

You can also configure the logo that should be used on the site. You can either use a default logo or add your own custom logo. If you choose to use your own custom logo, you can either specify a path to an existing file on your web server, or you can upload a new image.

You can also configure the shortcut icon that is displayed in the address bar when customers visit the web site. Again, you can either use the default icon or use a custom icon. This icon is also called the favicon, and is also displayed alongside the site name in the user's favorites, if they add it as a favorite.

If you select the Global settings option when you configure the themes, the changes will be applied to all of the themes you have installed.

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