Showing images on the page using Slideshow Creator

The Slideshow Creator module can be downloaded from project/slideshow_creator. It also requires the JQuery Plugin module, which is available at Download these two modules, install them on your site, and then enable them using the Module Manager.

The Slideshow Creator module does not have any additional permissions that you need to worry about. However, there are a few configuration settings:

Slideshow Creator


The slideshow heightr in pixels.


The slideshow widthr in pixels.


DefauSfc iy;

The slideshow layout

Current Slide String:


The text to be displayed on the Current Slide part

[ Save these settings J

These options allow you to control the size of the slideshow that will be embedded in the page, as well as specify some basic options related to the display.


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Slideshow Creator works by creating a new filter that you can add to any input format, similarly to how we enabled the use of img tags on a page.

To enable this filter:

1. Click on the Site Configuration link and then the Input formats link, from the Administer menu.

2. Click on the configure link for the input format that you want to add slideshows to. We will add slideshow capabilities to our image format.

3. Select the checkbox next to the Slideshow Creator filter.

4. Save the input format.

You can use Slideshow Creator to either display specific pictures or to display all of the pictures that are stored within a specified folder on your web server. Displaying specific pictures gives you much more control and allows you to give each image a title, description, and the page to be displayed when the image is clicked (if any). Displaying all images in a folder is much easier to manage as you do not need to add each image to the slideshow individually.

To insert a new slideshow, use the following steps:

1. Upload the pictures that you want to display in the slideshow to your site by using either FTP or the Image module.

2. Edit the page that you want to add the slideshow to.

3. Create the slideshow using a filter tag (see the following sections for details).

4. Save the page.

A slideshow with individual images uses the following format for the filter tag.


• The version should be set to 2 for the current version of Slideshow Creator.

• The image_url should be set to the full path to the image that you want to display.

• The link is the destination you want the visitor to be taken to if they click on the picture. You can leave this blank if you do not want the user to be able to click on the image.


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