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Go to Administer | Site configuration | Site information. On this page, enter a name for the site, a slogan (even though you may not intend to set a slogan to appear on the theme, the system still uses it for several purposes, including some page titles!), and the footer, as per the illustration. Note that for the footer copy, I have specified the URL for the contact link, even though we have yet to set up a Contact form; we can do this with confidence as the default Drupal Contact form is always located at /contact. Once the changes are made, save and exit.

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Site information

|Fluid Carbon

The na me of this website.

E-mall address: *

[ [email protected]

The From address in automated e-mails sent during registration and new password requests, and other notifications. (Use an address ending in your site's domain to help prevent this e-mail being flagged as spam.)


Your site's motto, tag line, or catchiphrase (often displayed alongside the title of the site).


Your site's mission or focus statement (often prominently displayed on the front page). Footer message:

Problems with this] site? <a href= "/contact"> Contact the webmaster. </axbr/> Contents released under the Creative Commons (CC) license.

This text will be displayed at the bottom of each page. Useful for adding a copyright notice to your pages.

Anonymous user: *


The name used to indicate anonymous users.

Default front page: *

http://localhost:8888/drupal64/ [node

The home page displays content from this relative UR.L. If unsure, specify "node". (^Save configuration^) Reset to defaults^)

Basic site information is necessary to set the footer and the page titles. - [60 ] -

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