The Themable Functions

Drupal 6 relies less on themable functions than previous versions, yet they still play a key role in theming. A large number of themable functions remain in the system and as you will see below, they relate to a wide variety of functionality.

The default Drupal system does not provide an automated tool for the identification of the various themable functions in Drupal. You can, however, identify them by their names; all themable functions employ a consistent naming convention. Themable functions use the prefix theme_. The naming convention makes it possible to work your way through the various tiles to isolate all the functions. You can search for them easily by setting up Dreamweaver (or a similar program) to do the searching for you. Better still, you can employ the Theme Developer tools in the Devel module to help you identify themable functions.

[ _The Devel extension, and other useful theming tools, are explained in I

\ more detail in Appendix B, The Themers' Toolkit. The Devel module can I ■ be downloaded at: I

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