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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Online Data Entry Jobs Summary

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Filtering HTML in Nodes

Filtering works behind the scenes in most cases, so you may not give it a second thought. You may notice it in action in a few cases, so bear in mind the way that it is implemented. Filtering does not affect data entry at all. No matter what filters are enabled, you can type anything into the text area for a node. The filtering occurs when the node is about to be displayed. This means that you can type in HTML that is filtered out from the display today if you change your filter tomorrow, it may appear.

Experiment Safely with the Front Page View

The second column contains the major settings for the view. These settings change depending on whether you are editing the default settings or a specific display the default settings carry through to each display, but additional settings may exist for specific displays. Click a highlighted link to edit a setting. For example, in Figure 14.5, the first links in the second column are default (for Tag settings), Defaults (for Name settings), and None (for Title settings). When you click a link, data entry fields appear below the main section of the view, as shown in Figure 14.6.

Make Certain the Content Module is Enabled

Down to control the order in which they are presented on the node editing page. (That is one reason why your data entry pages may differ from the figures shown in this hour.) Fields that are grayed out cannot be edited, but they can be moved up and down to change their order.

Exploring Webforms

Webforms can have a variety of input fields, as you can see in Figure 13.10. This webform will serve as the example that is constructed in this hour. The form and its fields look like many Drupal data entry pages, and the way in which you construct them is also familiar. However, these are not Content Construction Kit (CCK) fields. These are webform components. Data entry components These are standard form and data entry fields date, textarea, textfield, and time. The select component implements radio buttons, a menu, and check boxes, just as its comparable HTML element does. The hidden component is a standard HTML-type field that is not visible to the user.

Using Taxonomy

When you combine these features and settings, Drupal modifies the data entry page for a content type, as you can see in Figure 9.13. The story content type has been designated to use the Committees vocabulary. An entry is required, and the Tags check box is not used, so the end user is required to select an existing term. This provides the most robust categorization. (Figure 9.13 shows an example of hierarchical terms.)

Grouping Fields

At the bottom of Figure 7.13, you can see that, in addition to adding new or existing fields, you can add a group to the content type. A group is an interface element that lets you construct the form for data entry and editing. Figure 7.10 shows several such constructs, including the areas for Menu Settings, Input Format, and File Attachments. After you create a group, it appears in the list of fields with options for configuring it or deleting it. Among the configuration options is the name of the group you can also choose whether it is always open, collapsed, or collapsible by default. Deleting a group deletes the group, but not the fields within it. (This requires that you enable the Field group module in the CCK section of your modules list if it is not already enabled.)

Work Flow

Drupal sites are typically built through a collaboration between a programmer, a designer, and a content manager. Sometimes, however, these roles are combined into a single person. Perhaps you theme Drupal on a full-time basis but are also responsible for a little bit of design, or maybe you handle module programming and data entry in addition to your theme creation work. Identifying each of the tasks that needs to be completed will help you to carry out those functions in the right order. Each project may have a slightly different list of tasks, and identifying the kind of project will help you to carry out these tasks in the appropriate order. For example, is it more important to prototype functionality first, or does the site need to look right before the client (or your Web users) starts using it

Multipage Forms

We've been looking at simple one-page forms. But you may need to have users fill out a form that spans several pages or has several different steps for data entry. Let's build a short module that demonstrates the multipage form technique by collecting three ingredients from the user in three separate steps. Our approach will be to pass values forward in hidden form fields. We'll call the module formwizard.module. Of course, we'll need a file.

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