Ardour Integration

If you're preparing your audio material in Ardour, integration with Gnome CD Master is pretty seamless (see Figure 10-33). In your Ardour project, use the CD Markers strip to show the beginning and end of tracks, or check the CD box in the Locations window to turn ranges into CD tracks. When it comes to exporting your session, set CD Marker File Type to TOC, and a .toc file is saved alongside your exported .wav file. You can open this .toc file in Gnome CD Master, just as if you'd created it manually in the program.

[ /home/daniel/My first Ardour session/export/mastered-with-toc.wav

Channels stereo

File Type WAV t

Sample Format 16 bit ±

Sample Endianness Little-endian (Intel) t

Sample Hate 44.1kHz £

Conversion Quality best

Dither Type Shaped Noise CO Marker File "type TOC

[ Export CD Marker File Only

Audio 3: OUt-1

I jamin return: out-1 v Ijamin return: out-2

Figure 10-33. Ardour and Gnome CD Master work very well together, thanks to Ardour's TOC export feature.

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