Command Line DV Capture

If you don't need Kino's features, and you just want to get the video off the camera with as little fuss as possible, you can use the dvgrab (GNU/Linux) utility on the command line. The dvgrab source code is available via the Kino web site; like its sister project, there should be a binary package available for your GNU/Linux distro. Ubuntu users can install dvgrab using the Synaptic package manager. The dvgrab package has a man page (type man dvgrab into a terminal after installation) that details all of the program's parameters. For instance, you can use dvgrab with the following options:

dvgrab --autosplit --format dv2 --size 0 --opendml my_videofile-

The last part of the command, my_videofile-, is the prefix given to each sequentially numbered DV file captured from the camera tape.

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