Installing the PHP Scripting Language

HTML is a markup language, derived from typesetting principles, and therefore it doesn't offer features that enable interactive elements on web pages. To achieve these interactive elements, web developers use a scripting language, which is a programming language that doesn't need to be compiled before it's run. Many Free Software scripting languages are available, but one in particular has been widely adopted in Web 2.0 sites: PHP (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac). Ubuntu users should install the php5-mysql package in Synaptic, which also downloads the php5-common and libapache2-mod-php5 packages as dependencies. (Don't worry if Synaptic suggests removing the apache2-mpm-worker package and installing the apache2-mpm-prefork package instead; this is fine for your purposes.) You need all three of these PHP packages to run your CMS and connect it via PHP to the MySQL database and the Apache web server. Other GNU/Linux distributions have similar packages. Windows and Mac users can download PHP from

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