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A nice added feature for your site is the Userpoints module. This allows your users to earn "points" or "karma", or whatever you want to call it, by posting certain content. Since the module provides an API, other modules can easily build upon it. What this means for us is that our users can earn points, not only by posting content, but also by voting, inviting other users, buying products, logging in etc. There is a module available that saves you the time of downloading each module separately. It is called "User Points Contributed modules", it still in dev for Drupal 6, so you'll have to download the modules you want manually for now.

To give you an idea of the possibilities: on I once configured Userpoints together with the Userpoints Role module so that users who reached a certain level got promoted to another role automatically. With this new role, they had access to coupon codes and pages reserved especially for them.

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