Administrator Notifications

When orders are placed we can opt for the administrator to be emailed a summary of the order, this is particularly useful when manually processing orders, and these orders are infrequent so you may not need to visit the website on a daily basis.

This setting is found in E-Commerce configuration under Store.

Enable cr disable transaction notifications. If enabled, the aite administrator idovgQdiugsdinGs.zQrrt) v.ill receive an email summarizing the status of fill orders. The Frequency of emails is dependent on hovf often the site administrator has scheduled to run cron jobs. Pinall/p The site administrator e--,ail address can be- chang-ed in the general configuration screen,_

Doug wants this feature enabled so he does not need to keep checking the system for new orders, so let's enable it for him.

This setting depends on having set up a cron job to periodically call the cron.php file; this allows emails to be sent in groups periodically. For more information on setting up cron jobs, you should contact your web host. Typically it involves a crontab setting in your hosting control panel such as cPanel.

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