Playing Together

We have installed Drupal and its e-Commerce module; now let's discuss what these modules are and how they work together with Drupal.

On its own, Drupal is a CMS, that is, it is designed for managing website content. Other than that, it does not do much. Additional features, which may not be needed by most users and are not included in the main release, are written by the Drupal community (or anyone really, who wants to write one) as modules which "plug in" to our Drupal installation.

Modules can effortlessly be plugged into the system, and then removed from it later, making it really easy to extend the basic system, and in our case, we are converting a powerful content management system into a powerful e-commerce website.

The module developer's guide ( 0 8) contains advanced information on the structure of modules, and information on how to write your own modules.

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