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Integrating Your Site with Social Networking Sites

Linking content to social networking sites is only one dimension of the capabilities you have with Drupal. Another approach is to integrate the content from various social networking sites into your Drupal site and automatically post new content items created on your site on various social networking sites. There are several Drupal contributed modules for integrating your site with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. With over 400 million users and 200 million users who sign on daily, Facebook is the granddaddy of all social networking sites. Tapping the Facebook community with your Drupal site is a relatively simple process that involves the use of two Drupal modules. The Facebook Status Module (drupal.org project fbstatus). This module provides the ability to display Facebook status updates from your Facebook account on your Drupal site. Using Facebook's RSS feed capability, status updates from your Facebook profile are automatically captured and...

Creating a Social Networking Website on Drupal

Networking site that provides features similar to Facebook and other sites using Drupal core and contributed modules. The Facebook Style Statuses module mimics Facebook's wall feature, allowing users to post status updates or micro blogs Users can also post on other users' profiles, much in the same fashion that Facebook supports. Figure C-5 demonstrates the user interface for this module. Facebook-style Statuses is awesome 105 characters remaining Figure C-5. Facebook Style Statuses interface enables the ability to create Facebook like lists of friends. The module allows the site administrator to define categories of relationships (e.g., manager, family member, classmate) where users can specify a type of relationship when requesting that someone becomes their friend. The module also provides an e-mail request that is sent to the person who is identified in the friend request, as well as e-mails distributed to the user community on updates to relationship statuses. The Hearbeat...

Blocks Blocks and More Blocks

A block is a generic term that is applied to any self-contained piece of content, menu, or code. There are standard pre-built blocks that come with Drupal 7 the login block, the search block, the who's online block, the who's new block, the latest blog postings block, and more. There are also blocks that come with contributed modules, such as blocks that share the latest weather report, your recent Twitter posts, or your current Facebook status. As a site administrator you can construct your own custom blocks, such as a list of upcoming events.

Focus on Usability

Websites in the twenty-first century have become faster and more flexible (particularly with technologies that allow for partial page loads). In addition, the widespread use of social networking sites, such as Facebook, has raised expectations in many users that they can participate in the sites that they use to a greater extent than ever before. More and more, people expect to be able to bookmark content on the sites that they visit they also expect to interact with sites by sharing them with friends and to keep up with them by subscribing to automated news feeds. Shopping carts for purchasing items are also expected, along with the ability to comment on content and provide formal ratings for content and products.

Implementing Service Links

Configure the module at Administer > Site configuration > Service links. Select the checkbox next to ''Blog entry'' in the ''Node types'' section. Select whichever bookmark links (Digg, Facebook, etc.) and search links (Technorati) you wish. Select Teasers and full-page view in the Service links in the Nodes dropdown list. Select Image and text links in the Service links Style dropdown list. And click on the ''Save configuration'' button.

Modules used in Chapter

Service links allows you to share your content in the most popular networking sites, such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Google, Yahoo, and so on. People spend most of their time in these sites, so it's a great opportunity to inform them about your company and your products.

Drupals Bootstraps and Bottlenecks

This is a common stmcture for modern web applications. Facebook applications, for example, consist of a Facebook frame that is created by Facebook independently of the app. The app is called by Facebook to return the center portion of the frame, and Facebook merges them together.

What are you doing

If you like your users to display what they are doing, just like on Facebook, you might want to look at the Facebook Style Statuses module (fig 7.14). This module allows your users to fill in whatever they are occupied with, allowing you to display it in different ways. This works totally in dependant from Facebook. It also integrates with User Relationships, so you can keep track of what your friends are doing.

Social Networking

Drupal is a great tool for building your own web based community but it can also connect to some of the most popular social networks on the web, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Friend Connect. By connecting to popular social networking sites you can increase promotion of your Drupal-powered website, improve your site content and provide more convenience for visitors to your site. Facebook Facebook has over 200 million users so it's very likely that someone visiting your Drupal site is also a Facebook member. The Facebook Connect module allows site visitors to login with their Facebook credentials and import their Facebook picture and profile information. In addition, this module allows your site members to invite their Facebook friends to your site and also updates their feed on Facebook when they post a comment on your site. See Also Connecting With Facebook

Social marketing

We can use other (non-competing, obviously ) social networks to help promote our network, as most social networking web sites have provisions for user information and profile data, including web site addresses. We can add our URL to MySpace profiles, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and so on, to try and provide that extra promotion to our site. Facebook has a new addition to its web site which allows business, bands, web sites, organizations and anything that isn't related to a personal profile to create their own page, providing additional information, as well as hosting a discussion forum, photo gallery, and other features. We can of course create a profile for our site and share it among our friends. Users of Facebook can also become fans of these pages, promoting the site among their own friends as well.

Google Zeitgeist

For example, the 2008 USA Year-End Google Zeitgeist shows that the fastest growing terms in search are obama, facebook, att, and iphone. So, how does this help you with keywords research It can help you to take advantage of trends in your markets. If you can somehow tie your products to the major trends, then you can take advantage of huge amounts of traffic. 1. facebook

Social bookmarking

As there are a lot of different services, it is a good idea to make use of a service that allows users to send the links to the social bookmarking service of their choice. One example of such as service is Socializer (http ekstreme.com socializer ). This provides more information on the service, as well as some PHP code which we could add to our web site's footer for displaying the socialize link. Now if a user wants to share the link with others, they simply click the Socialize link and select the service they use. It may also be worthwhile to add a link to share on Facebook as that is not available with the Socializer service. A module has been created for a similar service, called AddThis (http drupal.org project addthis).

Internet marketing

This module allows you to share your content in the most popular networking sites, such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Google, Yahoo, and so on. People spend most of their time at these sites, so it's a great opportunity to inform them about your company and your products. To install it, browse to http drupal. org project service_links, and right after you download the module, upload it and unzip it to your site's sites all modules folder and go to Administer Site building Modules to enable it. To configure it, go to Home Administer Site configuration Service links.

Web User Identities

Another major feature of the modern web is the use of real and verifiable identities. With the rise of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Linkedln, more people are becoming used to an Internet in which online personas are real people. This has dramatically changed the web from a place of shadows and suspicion to something more like the real world with about the same degree of shadow and suspicion found in the real world. Drupal supports automatic verification of email addresses for site registrations, and that is an important first step to providing a safe, secure, and honest web environment. When you register and provide an email address, Drupal can be configured to automatically send a message to that address with a temporary password. After you log in, you can change your password.

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