Introduction to the Content Construction

by Karen Stevenson

In Drupal 5.x you have the ability to create as many types of content as you like. The contributed module CCK builds on that ability by allowing you to add custom fields to that content. If you use the Views module, CCK also makes all your custom fields available in any View.


Install CCK the same way other modules are installed, download and unzip the tarball from project/cck and add it to the 'modules' folder on your site, then go to admin/build/modules to activate it.

CCK is actually a group of modules. The primary module is called 'Content' and it is required in order to use any other CCK modules. The tarball includes a few other modules, which comprise the 'Core CCK' modules. They include:







There are many other CCK modules available. You can see them by going to category/88. Once you are familiar with CCK, you can download and install any of these other modules you want to use. The best way to get started with CCK is to begin with just the CCK core modules. The core modules are well supported and it's easier to start with just a few alternatives, so start by enabling only the core CCK modules.

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