Autothrottling modules

In Drupal 4.4 and higher (or the latest CVS version), it is also possible to configure entire modules to be automatically disabled when the auto-throttle reaches a maximum level of 5, once again indicating that your site is currently experiencing a severe load.

To throttle modules, go to the module administration page on your site at "administer > configuration > modules". Now, for any module that should be disabled when your site is under a severe load click the "throttle" checkbox. Deciding which modules to throttle can be more difficult than deciding which blocks to throttle. It is recommended that you experiment in your development environment, disabling modules and seeing how this affects your site. The more underpowered your webserver, the more modules you will want to throttle. Generally speaking, throttling modules will usually have a larger affect than throttling blocks.

Now, when your site comes under a heavy load, all modules that have "throttle" enabled will be automatically disabled. All aspects of the module will be disabled, including any links, pages and/or blocks that the module may have generated. As long as your site remains under a severe load, the modules will remain disabled, optimizing your page and helping to prevent your database from choking. When the load starts to decline, the modules will be automatically restored.

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