Collaborative book or documentation writing

The book organises content into a nested hierarchical structure. It is particularly good for manuals, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the like, allowing you to have chapters, sections, etc.

A book is simply a collection of nodes that have been linked together. These nodes are usually of type book page, but you can insert nodes of any type into a book outline. Every node in the book has a parent node which "contains" it. This is how book.module establishes its hierarchy. At any given level in the hierarchy, a book can contain many nodes. All these sibling nodes are sorted according to the weight that you give them.

Book pages contain a log message field which helps your users understand the motivation behind an edit of a book page. Each edited version of a book page is stored as a new revision of a node. This capability makes it easy to revert to an old version of a page, should that be desirable.

Like other node types, book submissions and edits may be subject to moderation, depending on your configuration. Similarly, books use permissions to determine who may read and write to them. Only administrators are allowed to create new books, which are really just nodes whose parent is <top-level>. To include an existing node in your book, click on the "outline"-tab on the node's page. This enables you to place the node wherever you'd like within the book hierarchy. To add a new node into your book, use the create content ยป book page link.

Administrators may review the hierarchy of their books by clicking on the collaborative book link in the administration pages. There, nodes may be edited, reorganized, removed from book, and deleted. This behavior may change in the future. When a parent node is deleted, it may leave behind child nodes. These nodes are now orphans. Administrators should periodically review their books for orphans and reaffiliate those pages as desired. Finally, administrators may also export their books to a single, flat HTML page which is suitable for printing.

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