Even with the auto-throttle enabled and configured, you may find that your server chokes when an extremely busy site such as Slashdot links to your site. It may be that your shared webserver simply can't handle the load, however don't give up too quickly. Here are a few more tips:

• Try adjusting the "Auto-throttle multiplier" to a lower value so your auto-throttle can detect a surge sooner.

• Try adjusting the "Auto-throttle probability limiter" to a higher percentage, again so that the auto-throttle is quicker to detect a surge. It is not advised to increase this value much beyond 10% however, as this may have a negative impact on your site's performance.

• Enable "throttle" for all but the absolutely essential blocks.

• Enable "throttle" for all but the absolutely essential modules. (this is perhaps the most significant suggestion)

• Hack your theme to be auto-throttle aware, automatically disabling large images when your site comes under a heavy load. Refer to the throttle.module's "throttle_status()" function.

• Talk to your web host about how they can better tune your webserver...

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