An easy way to tell if MMCache is working properly after following the installation instructions is to see if temporary files are being created in '/tmp/mmcache', or wherever you told them to be written with the 'mmcache.cache_dir' directive. If no files are appearing, something is wrong.

First, be sure that PHP has properly loaded mmcache. Create a short script on your web browser called 'phpinfo.php' as follows:

Load that file in your browser to find a wealth of useful information. Search for any occurances of the word 'MMCache'. If it's not there, then MMCache is not loaded. Double check your 'Configuration File (php.ini) Path' on that same page, and be sure that you modified the correct 'php.ini' file. Verify that you installed '' into the directory specified by the 'extension_dir' directive. Also, try restarting your web browser to be sure the latest configuration changes have been made. Finally, be sure to look in your web server's error log to see if there are any hints there. (Note that the phpinfo() function call reveals a _lot_ of information about your system. For security reasons it is very unwise to make this information available to the general public. If you created 'phpinfo.php' in a public place, be sure to remove it when you're finished troubleshooting.)

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