A last question

There is a question that might arise in regard to this last project. Why involve the server in the process the way that we did? Why not simply create the buttons in JavaScript to begin with?

The point of this project was to exhibit how data could be passed from the server. However, if we wanted to delve into a little more PHP, we could derive even more from server integration. We could, for example, use the Forms API (FAPI) to create an administration form, which would allow system administrators to select the buttons that should appear on a form, or even define their own buttons.

We could also use the input filter logic (which determines what tags are allowed in a given input box) to determine which buttons are displayed to the user.

In short, there are many directions we could go with our server-side development. But we have hit the boundaries defined for this book. Delving into serious PHP programming is beyond our scope. Of course, if you are interested in Drupal 6 PHP development, you might like my book Learning Drupal 6 Module Development, Packt Publishing, 978-1847194442.

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