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The first chapter in this book introduced Drupal and JavaScript. It also explained the role that JavaScript plays in the Drupal 6 environment. We will now move beyond mere explanation and take a look at the practical details and examples.

In this chapter, we will be working with JavaScript inside of a Drupal environment. We will begin by exploring how JavaScript is included in Drupal pages, and then create our first script for Drupal. While we're not going to cover the basics of the JavaScript language (there are already lots of available resources on the topic), the code we create here will be simple and straightforward.

The purpose of this chapter is to cover the basics on how JavaScript can be used within Drupal 6. In that regard, this chapter will serve as a foundation for our future JavaScript development. Here are the topics that we're going to cover:

• Serving JavaScript from Drupal

• Creating a first script

• Creating a simple theme

• Adding JavaScript to a theme

Without further ado, let's get going.

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